Difference Between Bipolar Disorder and Depression

Contrary to common belief Bipolar disorder and depression are two different things; however, they can be related and intertwined. Depression is a state of chronic sadness while bipolar disorder consists of two stages in which the sufferer goes back and forth throughout the length of the illness.

The main difference: Mania

The two stages of bipolar disorder are manic and depression. In the manic stage the person experiences increased self-esteem and a strong feeling of grander. Symptoms of the manic stage can resemble the behaviors and attitudes of someone who is hyperactive. Such behavior includes insomnia or decreased need of sleep, rapid and frequent talking, racing thoughts and ideas, as well as impulsive behavior such as careless spending and risky sexual acts. The person stays in the manic stage of any allotment of time and juggles through a depressed and normal life. People with bipolar disorder may also experience times with no mental disturbances.

Treating This Condition Naturally

A person with dejection will not exhibit these behaviors and attitudes, but rather act the opposite. On the other hand, the diagnosis of depression is still often difficult to differentiate from bipolar disorder.

A common mistake made my most patients is that they think that they are not suicidal so they must have bipolar disorder rather than depression. People who suffer from bipolar disorder can also have suicidal thoughts. People with bipolar disorder can have mixed episodes of depression and mania. The hyperactivity of the mind that leads to anxiety and restlessness mixed with the low energy, irritability, and concentration difficulty of depression can result in frequent suicidal thoughts.

The best way to tell is to go to a psychiatrist with experience in bipolar disorder. Often times a person will first be diagnosed with depression during the depression stage of bipolar disorder. The best way to receive an accurate diagnosis and therefore treatment is communication and honesty. During an initial interview a psychiatrist may see the signs and symptoms of depression, but will need evidence of a manic stage to realize bipolar disorder. Both disorders are mainly subjective and full cooperation is needed to differentiate between the two.

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