5 Tips for Reducing Anxiety of a Pre-Diabetic Diagnosis

Many people experience anxiety when they find out they’re at risk for a chronic illness. When you have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes, most people find they’re at risk for diabetes anxiety – the constant worry that anything they do may cause them to develop full blown diabetes.

This anxiety can disrupt your life – but even more than that, this anxiety can increase the likelihood of developing diabetes, as the stress of diabetes anxiety can affect your blood sugar levels. If you’ve been diagnosed with as pre-diabetic, it’s important that you learn to control your anxiety so that you can continue to live a healthy and happy life.

How to Control Diabetes Anxiety

5 Tips for Reducing Anxiety of a Pre Diabetic DiagnosisThe risk of chronic illness will always be a little stressful, and some of that stress is entirely natural – possibly even healthy, because you can use the stress to motivate you toward living a healthier life. When the stress becomes out of control, however, that’s when it becomes a problem. It’s never a bad idea to consider going to a therapist to control your diabetes anxiety, because therapists are trained to help people cope with the stress of a chronic illness. That said, you can also try the following strategies in your free time:

• Research Pre-Diabetes

Pre-diabetes – and even diabetes itself – are manageable disorders with smart lifestyle decisions. Those with diabetes still have the opportunity to live long and happy lives as long as they make intelligent choices about their health and nutrition. The more you know about managing pre-diabetes, the less stressful your diabetes anxiety will be.

• Regular Exercise

Exercise is an important part of managing pre-diabetes. But even more than that, exercise is also an incredible natural stress reducer. It burns away cortisol (a dangerous stress hormone), releases mood-altering neurotransmitters, and tires out your muscles so that you experience less tension with your diabetes anxiety. Exercise is one of the best things you can do for your physical health, and also one of the best things you can do for your mental health.

• Using Social Support

A problematic issue that comes up for those that get diagnosed with pre-diabetes is losing out on their social and personal lives. Many people find that they simply “give up” on trying to go out and have fun with others. Research, however, has found that those with pre-diabetes, diabetes, and chronic illness all have better outcomes for those that connect with their friends and family. In addition, support groups are also an outstanding place to find additional support from your community. This means that not only should you not let your diabetes anxiety prevent you from having a happy life – having a happy life can actually improve your long term outcome of living with both pre-diabetes and diabetes.

Controlling Diabetes Anxiety

Both a diabetes diagnosis and a pre-diabetes diagnosis can be stressful. But despite that stress, they’re both manageable conditions as long as you show a mental willingness to manage them. Use whatever tools you have at your disposal to control your stress and anxiety, and make sure that you don’t let a diagnosis of pre-diabetes affect your overall health and happiness.

Ryan Rivera has seen the way chronic illness impacts others. He writes about tips and strategies for controlling anxiety at www.calmclinic.com.

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