7 Signs of a Heart Attack

An unhealthy lifestyle is often the reason why people suffer from several diseases.  Unfortunately, many people only decide to change their lifestyle when they are already diagnosed with a serious disease.  Exercising regularly and eating the right kinds of food are just few of the many ways to have a healthy mind and body.  This kind of lifestyle will still hold true even when you are already diagnosed with a serious disease such as a heart attack.

As you probably already know, a heart attack can be a very serious disease.  As long as you’re human, you’re bound to get one if you’re not healthy enough.  To help you better understand what a heart attack can feel like, here are 7 things to look out for:

Chest Discomfort

7 Signs of a Heart AttackThis is perhaps one of the most common and the most obvious signs of heart attack.  In most cases the pain is felt at the center of the chest which usually lasts for a few minutes.  But, after a little while it disappears but will come back again. Others claim that it feels like their chest is so full.  Some people also say that the pain of a heart attack feels like their heart has been squeezed so tightly.  There are also those people who describe it as some pressure being put inside their heart.


A person who experiences anxiety attack would feel a shooting pain in his chest.  This is why a lot of people rush to the emergency room claiming they are having a heart attack. But, after a series of lab tests doctors ruled out it was just an anxiety attack. In most cases, anxiety stems from the fear of dying.  That is why when a person experiences chest pain, which is often the first and the most noticeable sign of heart attack he immediately thinks he is going to die soon.  Thus, his whole body will be taken over by fear which then leads to anxiety attack.

Cold Perspiration

Chest pain and shortness of breath are often accompanied with cold sweat.  Others refer to this as excessive sweating. They perspire even when they are not doing something laborious. They sweat profusely even when they are not exerting too much energy.

Upper Body Pains

This can be experienced in the shoulders, neck, arms, back, jaw and teeth. This sign can also be experienced even when the person does not feel any chest discomfort.


One sign that a heart attack is imminent is that a person would feel so sick to their stomach that you feel like vomiting.

Stomach Pain

This pain in the stomach may even extend up to the abdominal area. Sometimes this sensation is mistaken as heartburn.

Shortness of Breath

This sign can either be felt before or after the chest pain. A person suddenly feels like he is gasping for breath.

Please note that the above mentioned signs can also be a sign of a different disease aside from a heart attack.  The most important thing is that we should avoid trying to self-diagnosis.  When you sense that something is wrong with your health, better consult your health care provider right away. Once diagnosed with a heart disease, seek for a second opinion from a different doctor.  This is to ensure that you will be given the right treatment which is definitely tailored to your medical status.

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