Acai Berry Power 500 – Is It Safe To Use It On Long-Term?

What is Acai Berry Power 500?

This is a dietary supplement that contains an extract of Acai berries, which are very rich in nutrients and vitamins. When taken accordingly, the supplement will produce weight loss, increase your energy levels and detoxify your body.

The capsules contain important levels of fiber and iron, which also promote a good digestion process. The antioxidants (vitamin E, vitamin C) increase the strength of the immune system and protect you against free radicals that can cause carcinogenic processes. Energy levels can be boosted due to the nutrients, fatty acids, essential amino acids and oligoelements the extract contains.

Weight loss is supposedly produced by reducing water bloat, water retention and removing waste from the body and can also be increased when the supplement is associated with some form of dieting or physical exercise.

Where can you purchase it from?

Acai Berry Power 500 – Is It Safe To Use It On Long Term?The supplement is available online on various online drugstores and health supplement stores, as well as the official website and on amazon. You will probably not be able to purchase it from your local drugstore or your fitness center, as it is only available for online purchase.

Is it safe to use it on long-term?

Although the product claims to be able to produce significant weight loss results, this effect has not been founded by clinical trials or any scientific research. While most people respond well to it, meaning that they do not develop any side effects, it is still possible for the extract to cause some allergic responses when it is used for a long period of time.

Apart from this, the Acai Berry Power 500 supplement is not known to cause any severe side effects, which means there are no threats of using it on long-term.

How much does it cost?

Usually the prices vary between $80 and $100, but it’s possible to find it at a lower price if there is some special offer or discount.


While some people report that they feel the supplement has made their stomach look slimmer, and they have lost the extra retained water, there are a lot of people who are not satisfied with the product. This is probably due to the lack of information regarding how much it can help with weight loss. The most common side effects seem to be headaches and upset stomach.