Breast Augmentation: Finding Your Perfect Fit

So you have decided to look into breast augmentation. This is a big step, so knowing the guidelines for choosing a breast size is very important.

Finding Your Ideal Size

When choosing implants, the most important factors are size and weight. The majority of candidates for breast augmentation have decided on the procedure for size improvement. Women often worry heavily over what the perfect size for them is. Some women are concerned with choosing a size that is too large while others are concerned with choosing a size that is too small. Women need to be realistic about their expectations when it comes to breast augmentation. Choosing a size proportionate to your body is the most crucial guideline for breast augmentation. Choosing breast implants that are too large may result in complications such as back, knees and hip problems. These complications will lead to further procedures, recovery time, and money. With that in mind, consulting an experienced surgeon is essential. The importance of finding a doctor who will help you find your perfect breast to body ratio will be very beneficiary to the breast augmentation process.

Discussing Your Ideas With a Plastic Surgeon

Breast Augmentation: Finding Your Perfect Fit
By: Vishal Kapoor

During your first few meetings with a plastic surgeon, it is best to bring photographs of your ideal breast size. The photographs should give a good idea of how you want to look after the procedure. You will not be an exact replica of a person in a photograph, but knowing your preference will greatly benefit the plastic surgeon. Simply asking for a specific cup size will not cut it. Having a solid basis to work from may help you and your surgeon to bypass any possible confusion.

Your Preferences

With breast augmentation, certain aspects should be taken into account. You will need to know whether you want the breasts to appear natural or artificial. Natural looking breast implants will have a slope that resembles that of normal breasts. Natural breast implants also look normal in proportion to the body. Artificial breasts will be obviously fake, and they have a definite round shape. Many women choose a look that is somewhere in the middle. Every woman has her own preference, and the options are available to accommodate every individual selection.

Your lifestyle should be taken into consideration as well. If you are a very active woman who enjoys a variety of physical activities such as yoga, aerobics, and sports, large breasts may become burdensome during your daily workout. You may also want to consider how other people will perceive you after the surgery. If the implants are obvious, they may cause uncomfortable situations later on.

The risks of breast augmentation should also be taken into consideration. Different sizes will present their own risks for different body types.

The Final Decision

A plastic surgeon will more than likely allow you to experience and evaluate different sized breast implants with samples. This may be the part of the process that allows you to make a final decision on the size of your implants. The samples will give you a good idea of how the implants will look and feel after the procedure.

After breast augmentation, shopping for a brazier may be a daunting task. Breast implants are shaped somewhat differently than natural breasts, and the width of a brazier may no longer coincide with the cup size. Do not be surprised if you have a difficult time shopping after breast augmentation.

This post was provided by Emma Sawyers, a breast implant patient. When choosing her breast size for her breast augmentation Montreal, she found the staff at The Canadian Institute of Plastic Surgery very helpful.