Difference Between Bipolar Disorder and Depression

Contrary to common belief Bipolar disorder and depression are two different things; however, they can be related and intertwined. Depression is a state of chronic sadness while bipolar disorder consists of two stages in which the sufferer goes back and forth throughout the length of the illness.

The main difference: Mania

The two stages of bipolar disorder are manic and depression. In the manic stage the person experiences increased self-esteem and a strong feeling of grander. Symptoms of the manic stage can resemble the behaviors and attitudes of someone who is hyperactive. Such behavior includes insomnia or decreased need of sleep, rapid and frequent talking, racing thoughts and ideas, as well as impulsive behavior such as careless spending and risky sexual acts. The person stays in the manic stage of any allotment of time and juggles through a depressed and normal life. People with bipolar disorder may also experience times with no mental disturbances.

Treating This Condition Naturally

A person with dejection will not exhibit these behaviors and attitudes, but rather act the opposite. On the other hand, the diagnosis of depression is still often difficult to differentiate from bipolar disorder.

A common mistake made my most patients is that they think that they are not suicidal so they must have bipolar disorder rather than depression. People who suffer from bipolar disorder can also have suicidal thoughts. People with bipolar disorder can have mixed episodes of depression and mania. The hyperactivity of the mind that leads to anxiety and restlessness mixed with the low energy, irritability, and concentration difficulty of depression can result in frequent suicidal thoughts.

The best way to tell is to go to a psychiatrist with experience in bipolar disorder. Often times a person will first be diagnosed with depression during the depression stage of bipolar disorder. The best way to receive an accurate diagnosis and therefore treatment is communication and honesty. During an initial interview a psychiatrist may see the signs and symptoms of depression, but will need evidence of a manic stage to realize bipolar disorder. Both disorders are mainly subjective and full cooperation is needed to differentiate between the two.

How To Lighten Your Skin Naturally

If you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin because of dark pigmented areas, age spots or freckles, I am sure you have already tried some skin lightening skin bleaching methods. I too, have suffered from this and found a natural way to achieve skin lightening.

Common skin pigmentation problems:


Skin pigmentation (also referred to as hyperpigmentation) is a very common, but harmless skin condition that pertains of small patches of skin becoming darker in color than the normal, even toned skin. The excessively pigmented skin is cause by a deposit of overproduced melanin secreted by the hyper functional melanocytes which are located in the epidermal and dermal skin layers.

Age spots (liver spots) or freckles– are common forms of hyperpigmentation and they usually occur when the cells that produce melanin (melanocytes) get damaged by ultraviolet radiations. These types of dark spots or patches are usually present on the hands and face or any other area that is more frequently exposed to direct sunlight and that is not protected by clothes or solar protective creams. The medical term for freckles or sun-induced dark spots is “solar lentigo”.

Freckles appear more frequently on people who have a fair complexion and are usually placed on skin areas like cheeks, arms or shoulders. People who are prone to freckles will have a high degree of skin pigmentation during summer months. They are more susceptible to developing skin cancer if they have longer exposure to direct sunlight without using any form of protection.

Freckles can be lightened by the use of some special skincare products. Usually, lemon and turmeric are two of the natural ingredients that can cause skin lightening and clear it from freckles. Freckled skin would also need intensive care and moisturisation with the help of cleansers, creams and masks that contain extracts of aloe, cactus or seaweed. Anti-freckle lotions and ointments can also be helpful.

Melasma or chloasma spots – are pigmented areas that look very much like age spots, but they are usually larger in size, darker in color and appear as a result of some major hormonal changes. The most common cause of melasma is pregnancy. Pregnancy triggers an overproduction of melanin that causes what is referred to as “the mask of pregnancy” on the woman’s face and abdomen. In rare cases this can also occur on other areas of the body.

How To Lighten Your Skin Naturally

Another cause of melasma spots is the use of hormonal therapy, especially birth control pills.Women who take birth control pills can develop hyper pigmented areas because of the hormonal changes that their bodies undergo, which are similar to those that happen during pregnancy.

Melasma is the appearance of dark brown spots which are sharply emarginated and symmetric. It usually occurs on the forehead, temples or cheeks. People who have darker skin tone are more prone to developing melasma and also have trouble getting rid of it.

Apart from sun-induced dark spots and those caused by hormonal changes, hyperpigmentation can also be caused by a series of factors such as liver damage, thyroid problems, prescription medication, acne, dermatitis, psoriasis, insect bites, mechanical trauma and ethnic skin.

Some conditions, such as acne can leave scars represented by dark spots even after the initial condition has been healed. These marks leave an unpleasant appearance and might make the sufferer feel undesirable. This type of pigmentation is called post-inflammatory pigmentation, because it appears after an inflammation process such as acne.

Post-inflammatory pigmentation usually develops when a wound, a rash, pimple, or any other form of inflammation causes the skin to react by increasing the secretion of melanin. The high amount of melanin will cause that specific area to become darker and discolored. The discoloration will persist even after the wound has healed.

Not all acne forms are followed by hyperpigmentation. It is most common when the sufferer traumatizes the skin, usually by squeezing the pimple and exposing it to direct sunlight immediately after that. The damaged skin will try to protect itself and produce an abnormally high amount of melanin, causing the dark spots to develop.

It might take a long period of time, usually 3-24 months for this type of pigmentation to be fully healed, but in some cases this may not happen and the individual might require special treatment.

Therapeutic recommendations

How To Lighten Your Skin NaturallyAny of these pigmentation problems can make you feel less appealing and lower your self-esteem. So if you’ve suffered from any form of pigmentation, I am sure you have already tried to find a solution.

Most of the time, when you notice such problems you address a dermatologist to find a proper form of treatment. This approach is recommended, because only a health care professional can tell for sure what your problem is and what has caused it.

It is important to differentiate between the different causes of skin pigmentation because there are many forms of treatment depending on the root cause. Most of the time your dermatologist will recommend usual treatments such as creams and ointments; but to tackle severe cases, some drastic procedures may be advised.

Traditional forms of treatment:

Skin pigmentation has been clinically treated for a long period of time. Usual treatments include courses of skin hydration and revitalizing in order to remove the cellular pigmented patches.

Sometimes, special masks are used to help remove the cellular build up and bring a more even skin tone. The removal of dead epithelial cells will cause your skin to start the replacement of dead cells with new and healthy ones.

The main purpose is to remove the excess surface cells that are pigmented. This way the skin’s texture will improve and will become more translucent and smooth.

Your doctor will probably advise a daily skin care routine that will need to be adjusted accordingly.

Another approach to dark pigmented areas is using chemical peels and microdermabrasion. You will probably need to undergo a series of treatments in order to produce an adequate fading action to the skin pigmentation.

Chemical peels can provide very fast results for treating age spots or chloasma. Microdermabrasion slowly removes the unwanted pigmentation in a certain area, over a series of treatments. Usually 10 to 12 treatment sessions are required in order to obtain the desired result. During treatment it is essential that the patient uses a quality sunscreen because any sun exposure during treatment can cause the dark spots to worsen or reappear.

Skin lightening skin bleaching products: These types of products are also used in order to achieve a lighter skin tone or to lighten the dark spots and pigmented areas. Unfortunately, products in this category can be very toxic. Many of them contain hydroquinone – a substance that achieves skin bleaching by decreasing the production of melanin pigments in your skin.

This chemical has been confirmed to have a carcinogenic and toxic effect to the skin, the immune system, and the reproductive system. For this reason it has been banned in the European Union, but it is still allowed in the US in concentrations of maximum 2%.

Laser treatments can also help reduce skin pigmentation, but only a dermatologist can decide if that would be the right option for you.

Why I wouldn’t recommend the traditional treatments

Being a sufferer of this problem myself, I have tried numerous treatments in order to get rid of dark spots and also to lighten my skin tone. What I can tell you is that most of the treatments use harsh chemicals on your skin and can cause some serious side effects in the long run.

Chemical peels and microdermabrasion can produce severe irritation to your skin.  The superficial layer of skin gets chemically burned and forces the skin to produce a new layer.  Also, it is important to note that it is absolutely forbidden to undergo such treatments if you have any of the following:

  • Kelloid or hypertrophic scars
  • herpes lesions (either current or past)
  • recent radiation for cancer treatment
  • recent laser procedures
  • sunburn or significant sun exposure during the previous period of time
  • usage of Accutane or Retin-A

After personally trying many of these treatments, I have come to the conclusion that they are very risky and can cause more damage than good.

The results often last for a relatively short period of time, after which you will have to start all over again. Long term use of such chemicals is not recommended because many of them are toxic. They can leave your skin dry and extremely sensitive, and are quite costly.

Dermatologists usually would not recommend natural approaches to treat your skin conditions, so it is important to know all the options that you have before you decide which one to follow. Natural treatments can be very effective and might even produce better results than the pharmaceutical ones.

This is the reason why, after numerous failed attempts of lightening my skin with traditional methods that would also allow me to have that effect for a long period of time, I started searching for a more natural way to achieve results.

An efficient product that has helped me in producing the skin lightening skin bleaching that I desired is Skin Whitening Forever.

How can you lighten your skin in a natural way?

If you have become tired of trying to cover you imperfections everyday with the use of foundation, powder and concealer; along with many other make up products that require a lot of time and energy, then I suggest you address the problem and get rid of freckles, dark pigmented or age spots.

With the help of a natural product such as Skin Whitening Forever, your skin can become even toned and smooth without being dried out and affected harshly.

Over the counter products that can produce skin lightening skin bleaching may contain dangerous ingredients that can get absorbed in your bloodstream if you use them in large quantities; leading to severe side effects. They would also require you to use sunscreen lotion regularly to prevent the symptoms from reappearing. You will probably get tired of having to follow this tiring routine every day.

The “Skin Whitening Forever” program presents a natural and safe way of achieving clear and light skin and it has great, proven results.

After gaining positive results with this natural remedy, I recommend trying it before you decide to go for more drastic treatments which are harsh and toxic.

Let me present to you what this product can help you achieve:

  • Skin whitening that is achieved with the help of natural ingredients and can be used at home. You do not have to go to your dermatologist’s office numerous times in order to achieve a skin lightening skin bleaching effect. This will help you lighten your skin tone even if you don’t have any pigmentation problems and just desire luminous, better skin.
  • getting rid of hyperpigmentation present on your face in the form of freckles, acne scars or age spots and even those located on other parts of the body (such as dark toned underarms, or melasma on your abdomen or shoulders).
  • Prevention of skin discolorations or the reappearance of dark spots after they have been successfully healed.

You will be instructed how to make your own skin whitening creams at home, leading to saving money instead of buying expensive, over the counter products.

The package will also give you important information about some skin whitening ingredients that you can buy from the local grocery store and diets that can help you whiten your skin. There are also some foods that can cause your skin to get darker, so you will learn how to avoid them.

Skin Whitening Forever can help you if your dark spots have only just recently developed or if you have had them for a long period of time even after trying many chemical procedures to treat them.

This product will not harm your skin and does not cause side effects because it only contains natural ingredients. You can use it for a long period of time without having any toxic side effects, and the results will show rapidly.

It has worked for me promptly as opposed to many other skin lightening skin bleaching methods that I have tried in the past; and the best thing is that the results are permanent.

The Skin Whitening Forever package is available online and has 100% satisfaction guarantee. Therefore, if you feel like you are not pleased with the results, you will get your money back.

The package also includes some bonus books if you decide to purchase it. Some of these are:

  • “The Healing power of water”
  • “177 Ways to burn calories”
  • “The seven secrets to a good diet”
  • “A handbook of health”

You can also get fast access to the information that the Skin Whitening Forever program provides. It is in digital format and you will be able to start using it right away to reap great results for your skin; and ultimately your confidence.

3 Surprising Facts About Your Brain

Of the 50 to 100 trillion cells in your body, perhaps the most interesting group of cells exists in a small, grapefruit sized bundle inside your head. For centuries, the human brain has challenged, mystified and intrigued both scientists and curious civilians alike. Just when we think we’re starting to understand the brain, new research comes out that completely throws everything we knew out the window.

Here are three surprising facts about your brain.

Fact #1: Your Brain Can Regenerate

3 Surprising Facts About Your BrainIf your high school biology teacher ever told you not to drink alcohol because “it kills brain cells, and brain cells can never grow back” — I’ve got good news. You can now safely throw that out the window.

Scientists have now shown that not only can your brain grow new cells; your brain can even regenerate though a process called neurogenesis. Though scientists have long suspected this was possible, it wasn’t until the last few decades that this was definitively proven.

One of the first studies to show neurogenesis was conducted by Dr. Michael Merzenich in the 1970s. He found that if he cut off the nerve endings in a monkey’s hands, the area of the brain that felt sensation in that area would immediately “go dark.” In other words, the monkey would stop feeling sensation.

Then, the brain would quickly start to re-wire itself. It would stop looking for neural connections through the severed nerve ending and instead rebuilt itself around other weaker nerve endings that were still working. In just a few weeks, the monkey had almost full sensory capabilities again. Since then, scientists have shown that almost every area of the brain is capable to some extent of regeneration.

Certain substances such as nootropics and cognitive enhancers may regulate the rate of regeneration in brain leading to faster regeneration rates.  Neurogenesis  is currently under scientific study for the treatment of many brain disorders including MS, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.  Other brain specific antioxidants such as astaxanthin and co enzyme Q10 / ubiquinol show promise in protecting the brain from excessive degradation and allowing from brain repair.

Fact #2: You Do Not Use Just 10% Of Your Brain

The idea that you only use 10% of your brain at any given time is a common myth. Nobody knows quite where it originated, though many scientists trace it back to a misquote of Albert Einstein.

The truth is, you use 100% of your brain every day. You won’t be using all your brain at all times, just as you don’t use all your body parts at all times. For example, your language centers might be off when you’re appreciating art, and your visual cortex might be off when you’re having dreamless sleep. However, at any given moment the majority of your brain will be engaged.

A whole slew of PET scans and MRI scans have debunked this myth for good, though it still perpetuates because it just sounds so compelling.

Fact #3: Your Brain is an Energy Hog

Your brain is a huge energy hog. In fact, your brain burns more calories in a day just by sitting there than you would burn if you went for a four mile jog. The brain takes up just 2% of the body’s weight, yet consumes 20% to 25% of the body’s energy. That’s over 400 calories a day!

In many ways, the human brain is a black box. While we may never fully understand the human brain, there’s one thing we do know: We’ve only just begun to tap into our potential.

Top 3 Reasons To Get Prescriptions From Canada

Are you an American trying to save on prescriptions? Maybe you didn’t even know there were options to save on medication aside from getting a better insurance policy or switching to generics. Thankfully there are a couple of options out there that don’t sacrifice quality or safety, and they’re completely legal.

In most cases drugs are cheaper in Canada because the government puts a cap, or ceiling, on the amount companies can charge for their products. This allows Americans to benefit from the difference in regulations.

This article focuses on the benefits of getting your medicine from a Canadian drug store online. You can save money, get 100 percent authentic drugs, and never have to worry about driving down to the pharmacy again. Read on to learn more:

1. Canada, Land of Cheaper High-Quality Goods

Canada boasts a developed economy and strict regulation that ensures only high-quality medications make it into the market. So why don’t more people get their medication this way? For many, the thought of getting drugs from another country involves a trip to Mexico and some sort of risky smuggling conspiracy scene right out of a blockbuster movie. Unfortunately it’s not that exciting, but the good news is that you won’t risk going to jail for a long time!

As long as you have a prescription from your doctor you can get your drugs without problems as long as you choose a reputable online store. Canadian drugs are regulated in much the same way as they are in the United States but due to their unique economic place in the world are able to get them for lower prices in most instances. This comes with a few drawbacks, but most would agree that it’s worth it.Top 3 Reasons To Get Prescriptions From Canada

2. Finding Reputable Pharmacies Online

Online pharmacies must be licensed by their local authorities and many proudly display third-party seals of authenticity. In Canada licenses come from that province’s government. A search online will quickly return that name and contact information of that organization. For example, in Ontario the group is called the Ontario College of Pharmacists.

It’s simple to call and verify that the online store you’re looking at is actually licensed and it’s highly recommended that you do so. Sites will usually display a seal of authenticity from one or more groups that are designed to be a watchdog and safety net for consumers. The more the better. These groups are recognized even in the United States as the US is an important trade partner of Canada. In most cases the medicines coming from our northern neighbor are always authentic, safe, and cheaper than American counterparts.

Check for the following:

  • physical address of the company
  • a license from their local provincial government
  • third-party seals of authenticity

3. Different Names For The Same Thing

You may be surprised to learn that a drug has a completely different name in other countries. For example, in Canada Zyrtec is called Reactine. This isn’t for any other reason other than marketing purposes on the part of the drug makers. You may think that the pharmacy sent you the wrong prescription but this is rarely the case as this is a very strict and highly regulated industry. Since the products come from other parts of the world most retailers won’t bother to change the names on all of the labeling. It would be too time-consuming and ultimately doesn’t make any difference because the ingredients are exactly the same.

It would worthwhile to look up the marketing names of your medication in other countries if buying name brands. A prescription pharmacy drugstore might be getting their products from manufacturers located in other parts of the world as well. So, while you may be paying a Canadian company, they may be sending you medication they got from a maker in Europe or Asia. This is common practice even for medication that you can get at your local pharmacy. Getting medication directly from the manufacturer ensures lower prices for you.

Some common drugs with different foreign names include:

  • Zyrtec (Reactine in Canada)
  • Prilosec (Losec in Canada)
  • Augmentin (Clavulin in Canada)


Buying drugs in Canada can be risk-free with a little bit of research from you. If you have a renewing prescription the savings will likely be worth it. In some cases the savings can be as much as 70 percent! Take a gander at some online pharmacies and make sure they are licensed and verified by third-party sources. Your health and wallet will be happy you did!

Author Bio:

Jessica Thomas is a writer and professional photographer living in Los Angeles. She often writes about Pharmacy, Drugs, Skin Care etc for Northwest Pharmacy which is a leading Online Canadian Pharmacy & International Drugstore. Her favorite hobbies include hiking, reading fantasy fiction, and still-life drawing.

The Dangers of Steroids – The Rise and Fall of Lyle Alzado

Lyle Alzado was one of the most feared players in the entire National Football league during his 15 seasons in the league. In the late 1970s, few defensive ends in the NFL struck fear in the hearts of their opponents like Alazdo did. He was known all around as a hard-hitting player who had little or no remorse for the pain he caused to opposing players. He was a wrecking machine both on and off the field. It didn’t take long, however, for his steroid use to end his career and his life.

The Dangers of Steroids   The Rise and Fall of Lyle AlzadoAlzado admitted in an interview shortly before his death that he began to experiment with anabolic steroids in 1969. He stated that they became just as addicting mentally as they did physically. He knew that men weren’t supposed to be 300 pounds and be able to jump 30 feet, but he knew that steroids played a major role in his increased performance on the field. Steroids turned him into a monster on the field and off. Alzado claimed that one time, a man sideswiped his car, and he physically assaulted him until the man was badly hurt.

In the interview he also revealed that 90 percent of his fellow NFL players at the time were also using steroids. Once Alzado retired from the NFL in 1985, his health quickly spiraled downward. He was diagnosed with brain cancer, and Alzado asserted that his steroid use directly affected his health. He knew that the materials in the steroids likely caused his brain tumor to develop. When he was asked about his one wish, he said that he hoped that nobody else would ever die this way.

Lyle Alzado experienced the best and worst of both worlds as a star athlete. In his prime he was a feared hitter, a relentless player, a vicious teammate who jumped to the defense of his own team’s players, and a human highlight reel from the defensive end position. Quarterbacks and running backs alike always looked around to see where he was on the field. He played mind games with other players just from his stare and the fact that he was on the field.

Yet Alzado was the first in a long line of athletes to die at a young age from steroid use. His career and life are shining examples of the risks associated with steroid use. Because of the research done on his brain after his death, and his own statements in his interviews, the sports world has a clearer understanding of how steroids negatively affect the lives of athletes.

Jennie is an anti-drug advocate living in Florida. If you, or someone you know is battling drug addiction, please visit gulfcoastdrugrehab.com for assistance.