Different Ways You Can Celebrate Heart Health Month

This month is a good opportunity to consider the best ways to keep your health in top shape to help you live longer and enjoy life more. Now that the holidays are over and spring is on the way, you can find new ways to improve your heart health throughout the rest of the year.

Take Up A New Exercise or Sport

A good way to celebrate heart health month is to start a new exercise activity to improve your cardiovascular function and improve overall health. You may already belong to a gym or engage in active sports. Adding a new sport will spur new interest in keeping your body fit. If you have been physically active for a while and feel confident of your skills, try signing up for some mud run events. These events can provide a fresh test of your strength and endurance. Remember to train with wet clothes and shoes to duplicate the condition of the event.

Different Ways You Can Celebrate Heart Health Month

Open Up Your Heart Chakra

According to Eastern spiritual philosophies, the body contains “chakras,” or hubs, through which energy flows. Keeping these energy channels open is the key to good physical and mental health. At the center of the body is the “heart chakra,” a kind of central hub that is critical to this process. You can keep this important energy channel open by doing yoga exercises and meditation to relieve the stress that blocks energy flow. Regular stress management can help to eliminate one of the factors that contribute to heart disease.

Different Ways You Can Celebrate Heart Health Month

Engage in Helping Others

Another way to relieve stress by getting away from your own problems and issues is to throw yourself into helping someone else. Every community in America has a variety of charitable efforts that can provide an opportunity to do something for someone else—and help your heart health at the same time. Whether it be helping out at the local food bank, reading to the elderly, entertaining sick children at the local hospital or doing something for the environment, you can help to improve your own health by working for the good of others.

Take Time For Your Loved Ones

It’s easy to get so busy that you lose touch with the most important people in your life, and this can occur even when they’re living in the same house you do. One way to do something important for your heart health is to maintain the relationships with those who are dear to your heart. The time you spend catching up on what’s going on in their lives can pay big dividends in your interactions. These times do not have to mean big event with extensive plans. A simple walk through the park talking and enjoying the day can big as significant an event as a long trip together. Take your significant other to lunch. Go to see a movie with your kids. Be available for talking and find something to laugh about. These times, though simple, can be the most memorable of your life.

The Importance of Physicals Before Backpacking

Backpacking is no longer for the young. People of all ages are picking up their supplies and going on the road all over the world to enjoy this activity. However, before you plan your backpacking trip, get a medical check-up from your family doctor to ensure that you are physically capable of handling this strenuous activity.

Get the Shot, Not the Disease

One aspect of a backpacking trip overseas that many people do not pay much attention to is the vaccinations you need updated. No one likes to get shots, but this is imperative if you are traveling outside your home country. No matter what country, or countries, you have planned to backpack through, there are some vaccinations you will need, including Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B and Tetanus+ are  the most common vaccinations you will need. Each of these three vaccinations last up to ten years.

If you are traveling to South America or Southeast Asia, it is recommended that you get a vaccination for Yellow Fever, Typhoid Fever and Japanese Encephalitis. The Yellow Fever vaccination is required if your backpacking trip includes South America and different parts of Africa. Make sure you carry proof that you received this vaccination.

Overseas Travel Requires Preparation

No matter where you plan to travel overseas, it is good to get some travel insurance. Most developing countries, and some developed countries, do not have easy access to health care. Many do not even have health insurance. Contact your health-care provider and see if your insurance covers you overseas. If it does not, there are many agencies that sale travel insurance that will cover you whatever country you are planning to backpack through. Make sure you check into all of this about six months before you take your trip. Overseas travel requires preparation.

Save the Pain, Get in Shape

The Importance of Physicals Before BackpackingEven if you are in shape, make sure you start working out months before your backpacking trip. If you are not in shape, get a medical check-up and have the doctor recommend an exercise schedule that will prepare you for your trip. The doctor can review your body type and give you advice on how better to prepare, physically, for the trek you have planned.

Backpacking is more physical than most people believe. Since you will be carrying weight on your back and trekking long miles, up and down hills or mountains, it is important to work out the muscles that will be used during this strenuous activity. This could include weight training, but spend a lot of time working on your cardiovascular system, leg strength and back strength.

Walk, Walk and Walk More

Everyone is aware that backpacking involves a lot of walking. This is why walking must be a part of your preparation. According to Dr.Martin Z. Kanner, a leading expert in physical therapy. The most common injuries incurred during hiking is sprained ankles and feet, pulled calf muscles, hip bursitis, hamstring pulls, Achilles tendon tears and fractured feet and toes. However, Dr. Martin says that properly instituting walking into your backpacking preparation will eliminate most of these common injuries.

The Importance of Physicals Before Backpacking

By slowly building up your walking distance you can eliminate many of the minor injuries that occur when backpacking without proper physical training. These minor injuries include blisters, muscle soreness and fatigue. As long as you limit your backpacking activities to the distances you have already prepared for, you will be able to enjoy your trek through the mountains, woods or jungles without worrying about how you will feel the next morning.

Backpacking trips are exciting, but also physically demanding. Plan the trip, get the required vaccinations and always get a medical check-up before leaving for your adventure.

Pros and Cons of Weight Lifting on Children and Adolescents

More children and adolescents are beginning weight training at an early age. Some of the reasoning behind early weight training concerns sports activities and what stronger athletes can do in a sport. Since inactivity among adolescents is the most common cause of obesity, the American Heart Association makes recommendation on how much physical activity an average child requires each day. According to the AHA, children require a minimum of 60 minutes of exercise everyday.

The real problem with starting early weight lifting on a child is the negative effects this type of training will have on a younger, underdeveloped body. It is already proven that weight lifting has its benefits, such as an increase in strength, fat loss, muscle growth and metabolism boosting. All of these benefits will help a child’s self-esteem. The real question is, what is the right time to allow a child to begin a weight lifting program or regiment?

The American College of Sports Medicine states that each child is different when it comes to weight training. Each youth must be assessed individually to determine if it is a good time to allow this type of exercise. However, most experts agree that 15 or 16 years of age is the best time to allow this type of physical exercise. Special consideration must be taken, even for these teenagers.

The immaturity of the body and a child’s growth patterns can prevent a child from beginning weight lifting as a strength exercise. The biggest cause of weight lifting injuries to children is the lack of proper technique. The teenager must be taught the proper lifting technique before being allowed to begin a weight-lifting regiment. When deciding whether the teenager is ready, you must ensure the child can take proper direction and continue to be supervised during their daily routine.

You must make sure the child can perform the weight-lifting technique without the weights before allowing them to begin this type of strength training. It takes an experienced trainer to show a beginner the proper techniques to use for each weight lifting exercise. As the teenager begins learning the proper technique, the trainer can begin to add weight into the routine, as well as add additional weight onto the equipment. Never start a young weightlifter out on their maximum lift weight, this is another major cause of serious injury to a teenager.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has done a lot of research and determined that weight lifting does not stunt the growth of teenagers, but the academy does identify some risks when beginning weight training at an early age. Again, most of this risk is caused by improper use of the equipment. Extreme heavy weight lifting must never be done by an adolescent until their bodies have completely matured, especially pre-teen adolescents.

There are some guidelines a teenager must follow before beginning weight-lifting training and a parent must ensure that these guidelines are followed.

Always have your teenager get a full physical assessment by a medical doctor or physician before allowing the child to start weight lifting. Always start the teenager weightlifter out at smaller weights. Teach the teenager properly breathing techniques as part of the technique training. Training must be done for 20 minutes, but no longer than 30 minutes, and should never be everyday. Two to four days a week is recommended by most strength coaches. Allow your teenager to warm up and stretch before lifting any weights. Rest a minimum of one minute between sets and the repetitions should be between eight to 15 reps, but only to moderate fatigue.

Both the AAP and the ACSM agree that a properly supervised strength program for teenagers will benefit the individual. These benefits include increasing the life expectancy and reduces the chances of chronic illness or diseases.Pros and Cons of Weight Lifting on Children and Adolescents

A child that is unable, or been determined by a physician, to not engage in weight-lifting training have other strength building alternatives available. The standard exercises, like push-ups, squats, pull-ups, crunches, sit-ups and lunges are very effective strength building exercises.

Any child with hypertension, seizure disorders, Marfan syndrome or cardiomyopathy must check with a physician, preferably a pediatrician, before engaging in any exercise, including weight training.

GSP Rushfit Review: MMA Workout Routine

George St-Pierre’s Rushfit is an intense eight week home fitness program developed by the Mixed Martial Arts fighter George St-Pierre and his trainer Erik Owings.

George St-Pierre or GSP has been a Welterweight Champion since 2008 and is known to ‘rush’ into his opponents with a barrage of moves. Hence, the fitness program is rightfully named Rushfit. This program has been created by GSP and his trainer for people who would like to train like him with intensity and focus.

The efforts involved in making such a program effective are through powerful learning and for this reason, the campaign comprises 6 DVDs with 2 training guides. They help you manage the nutritional plan and teach you the secrets of staying fit and healthy. The plan is about getting the skills of achieving desired results in a specified period of time.

In the present scenario, the cost of living as well as the eating habits define the identity, and cater to the overall development of an GSP Rushfit Review: MMA Workout Routineindividual. This program has made its entry in the fitness world when the unhealthy and frivolous lifestyle has turned the cards against individuals.

These people complain about several things such as improper body shape, lethargy, restlessness, scrawny body, obesity etc. All these factors tell the tale of unhealthy eating and exercising habits. Any efforts made to tackle these problems have proven to be undeniably ineffective.

The all new Rushfit program has maintained how multi-directional the fitness scheme is supposed to be. Hence, the benefit of all the guidance put forward in the program is handed into the hands of those looking to benefit from the program.

Intense efforts have been made by the Rushfit program to explain in minute detail the essentials of exercising properly; for the best results to be gained. The direction and advice put forward in this program is thoroughly tested and the feedback for the mechanical approach is evident via internet forums and postings.

The set of six power-shot DVDs help the individual on all aspects of weight loss and fitness by following the pattern of instructions in the aiding manual. A small dumbbell and a space to do the workout make the day for the people who actually believe in Rushfit. The DVD has also been planned in a way that makes every part clear and precise to the users through videos and training guides.

The exercises in the manual and the videos are normally within the customers’ ability to learn and enjoy the freedom of getting slim, strong and gain a healthy body like the maker of the program.

The company GSP RUSHFIT was produced by Digital Shelf Space Corp, a media company located in Vancouver with retail partners all over the US and Canada. The workouts in the Rushfit integrated program have been divided into many parts, which give the customers an idea about their choice as well as the level through which they can actually plan their entire schedule. They include strength and endurance workout, abdominal strength and core conditioning, the fight conditioning workout, explosive power training, full body strength and conditioning and bonus workouts.

Thus, the maximization of the ability of individuals to gain gradual transformations is done through properly following the Rushfit program. It is trusted by thousands of customers and is the choice of those who not only desire, but in fact are determined to achieve the very best for their bodies. The program was at first taken on as a challenge by GSP, who worked and researched thoroughly before producing a quality program that made people aware about the magic wand. An efficient program that guarantees maximum results without making you wait week after week – Rushfit will train you like a champion.

How To Lose Weight And Track Your Progress With The Horizon Fitness T101 Treadmill

Treadmill workout and weight loss

The T101 treadmill represents a powerful tool that can help you produce weight loss without having to go to the gym every day.

It provides a motorized equivalent of walking and running and can be adjusted even further than that in order for you to be able to personalize your exercise routine. All you need to do is keep up with the belt that is moving under your feet.

A workout using this treadmill will burn approximately the same amount of calories as you would normally burn by walking or running outdoors. The number of calories that are burned can be increased if you incline the treadmill and produce a simulation of running up a grade. You may find this a little easier than running uphill in real outdoor situations.

An inclined treadmill or one that has this option might go to an average of 5 miles per hour in speed, but you can incline it for up to 40% grade, which is the equivalent of a very steep hiking trail.

Exercises on the inclined treadmill can be very helpful, especially if you wish to lose a considerable amount of body weight, but youHow To Lose Weight And Track Your Progress With The Horizon Fitness T101 Treadmill do not wish to change the speed at which you’re performing the exercises. The Horizon Fitness treadmills can help you in this regard.

These exercises will burn a lot of calories and are recommended for people who train for hiking and walking, wish to gain some muscle mass or lose weight fast.

If you have a significant amount of body weight that you need to get rid of and you’ve decided to use this type of treadmill, it is recommended that you consult with a fitness trainer or a specialized professional that can help you perform a treadmill maximal exercise test before you begin exercising.

This will allow you to see what your limits are and monitor how your heart rate and blood pressure increases during exercise, so you know not to push yourself too much.

This is very important if you suffer from some types of obesity that also influence your heart health state; in these cases, it is recommended that you perform the exercises gradually and you do not overstress your cardio vascular system.

For the treadmill maximal exercise tests, the exercises will be performed on a motor driven treadmill that will put you through variable speeds and percentage of inclination. You will start at 1 mile per hour and 0% inclination. These will progressively change and increase in difficulty until you can reach your limit. Your trainer or doctor will monitor your heart rate and will let you know when you need to stop.

The speed varies up to 25mph and the incline level of the treadmill will be measured in units of elevation per 100 horizontal units and will be expressed as a percentage. In some severe cases your oxygen consumption might need to be measured during exercise, although this is rather difficult.

After your maximum limit has been established, you or your trainer will be able to start the exercise routine that is best for you. The exercises usually start with a period on normal walking and gradually increase in speed until you start running. A good exercise routine combined with a low caloric diet or supplements that help with weight loss can show great results in a relatively short period of time.

Horizon Fitness T101 treadmill features

Horizon treadmills can offer good quality and decent prices, so you get to perform your exercises in the comfort of your home. This treadmill is very flexible and simple to use, even if you have no experience with treadmills. The customizable settings allow you adjust the routine as you wish.

The main features that you can adjust are the speed and the level of inclination. The maximum speed that you can reach is 10 mph, speed at which  you will be performing rigorous exercise.

The speed most people use is 6 mph, but it is recommended that you start at a lower speed and as you get used to that, gradually increase it. It would be great if you can run at the maximum speed, but it may take a while until you are able to do that. You can also adjust the slope with up to 10% and increase the difficulty of your workout.

The T101 offers 9 preset programs with 3 specific targets, but you can adjust each accordingly. You can choose the amount of time that you wish the exercise to last and select the number of calories that would like to burn.

3 types of workouts are available: manual mode –  that allows you to configure the program as you wish, weight loss and also interval training.

The most important feature of the T101 treadmill is the high flexibility, because most people require personalized workouts and periodic routine changes.

The design of the treadmill is very appealing, the console includes an MP3 dock and speakers and the running surface is comfortable (20’’x 55’’). The sizes of the treadmill (length and width) and the sizes of the running belt are slightly shorter than the other treadmills in this class and may be less recommended for people above the average height.

Because it looks good, you will no problem placing it in your living room or your workout room. The Horizon Fitness T101 treadmill uses a neutral color scheme, incorporating black, grey and charcoal colors, but also a touch of electric blue.

The LED displays allow you to constantly monitor your activity and progress with the help of orange display windows. The contact heart rate monitor can be used to track your heart rate and continue the exercises, slow down or increase the pace.

The console is also equipped with a cooling fan, in order for you to feel comfortable while working out.

Your walking and running will be supported by a 2.25 CHP continuous duty motor, that is very quiet and has lifetime warranty along with the frame. The motor is perfect if you plan on using it for casual walk or running, although after a while of intense running at high speed and inclination you might experience some issues. You will also be provided with shock absorption and desk cushioning system.

Maximum weight that the treadmill can support is 275 – 300 pounds.

If you decide to purchase this type of treadmill, make sure to read the assembly instructions and also set aside some time for installing it.  The instructions included in the manual are quite well written and you will have an easy time understanding what you have to do.

It will probably take you around 45 minutes to fully install it, depending on your skills. The treadmill is foldable, so you can store it easily when you are not currently using it. It also comes with a lift system called Feather Light. This uses a form of hydraulic technology that help you fold and also unfold the treadmill easily.

Is this treadmill suitable for you?

The T101 treadmill is especially popular among people who live in crowded cities and don’t have many jogging spaces or don’t have the time to go outside for a jog and prefer to do it in their homes.

This can be a great treadmill for a beginner, because it requires little coordination to use and it’s also good for times when you don’t have the possibility or it is not safe to run alone.

The treadmill can move at a slow enough pace in order to accommodate even the individuals that may be out of shape or have just started running.

Also, if you suffer from any joint pain, weak ankles or back discomfort, you may find that the T101 is easier to exercise on than concrete or cement. This is due to the fact that this version is more flexible and absorbs shocks much better than the oldest types of equipment.

Its popularity has also increased due to the presence of the possibility of plugging in your mp3 player and headphones, or listen to music using the available speakers. Of course T101 also offers basic features of heart rate monitoring, speed, inclination, time and distance control that every treadmill includes.

If you have a busy schedule and do not have the time to go outside for a jog, then this treadmill can be the right option for you, also considering the convenient price compared to other treadmills.

However, for some people losing weight by treadmill exercise might not be the best option.

You need to keep in mind that you will need a very strong will to do long workouts on the treadmill. Some people find that a period of time of more than 30 minutes of continuous jogging or walking might be mind numbing or boring, even if they are listening to music during this time. If you wish to exercise in a more natural environment, then you will probably wish to resume to outside running and keep the treadmill workout for situation when you will not be able to run outside, such as difficult weather conditions.

Even if this is your case, it is still good have a treadmill in your home, because this way you will be able to continue exercises even in extreme situations and you won’t have to pause your training.

The treadmill might not be a suitable option for you if you suffer from severe back pain, joint or ankle problems; in these cases you will probably need to choose a different weight loss technique such as a healthy diet or weight loss supplements.

Individuals who suffer from severe heart conditions like increased blood pressure or cardio – myopathies should not use the treadmill in order to lose weight.

If you are not sure whether this is a right option for you, talk with your primary physician first and rule out any severe conditions that might prevent you from exercising.

How to use the T101 treadmill correctly

The Horizon Fitness treadmills are some of the easiest fitness machines to use. However, it is still possible for people to adopt an How To Lose Weight And Track Your Progress With The Horizon Fitness T101 Treadmillincorrect posture that will prevent them from fully benefiting from the exercise.

If you do not pay full attention to the treadmill, it is possible for  you to stumble. You’ve probably seen before how some people slide off the treadmill, so if you want to avoid these situations from happening to you, here is what you should keep in mind:

Begin the workout slowly. Make sure the treadmill doesn’t start at a very high speed by placing each foot on the corresponding side of the belt before you turn it on. Only step on the moving belt after you’ve made sure that it is moving at a slow speed( this usually means the speed should be of 1-2 miles/hour).

Don’t hang on to the handrails. It’s ok to use the handrails to maintain your balance until you figure out the proper way to use it, but remember to let go once you start feeling comfortable enough.

This will allow you to move in a more natural way and move your arms just like you would if you were running outside. If you feel like you can’t let go without losing your balance, then the speed is probably too high and you will need to adjust it. Usually, people who run on the inclined treadmill tend to hold on to the handrails, but remember that is not recommended for your elbows. Along with that, you will also lose a lower amount of calories than the machine will indicate, because you won’t be following the recommendations. You only need to hold on to the handrails if you become unbalanced or if you have health problems that interfere with your balance.

Always look forward. If you are in the middle of your exercising and you hear someone calling your name you will feel the need to turn around and answer. However, you need to remember not to do that; this may seem like an obvious thing to do, but you do not wish for it to happen to you.

You should expect a slight feeling of disorientation. As it happens with any treadmill, the first couple of times after you start using the T101 may make you feel a little dizzy after you end the workout. This is normal because your body needs to adjust to the movements you are performing on the treadmill. You might only get this feeling one or two times until you get used to it.

Wear proper shoes. It is not recommended that you work out barefoot or without sport shoes.

It is not recommended that you read while you are exercising on the treadmill because you will probably stumble and may injure yourself.

Track your workout progress

Keeping track of the progress you’ve made with the Horizon Fitness T101 treadmill is recommended because of the positive feedback you will get. If you wish to lose weight, knowing how far you’ve come can prevent you from getting discouraged and quitting exercise.

Your daily activity on the treadmill can help you keep track of the time you’ve spent, the pace at which you work best and the total mileage. This will stimulate you in improving your workout and getting a better result.

A good idea might be to set the right speed for warm up. This way you know where to start from and how far to go. Once you feel like the pace got easier, you need to challenge yourself and increase the speed. Keeping track of your mileage and time will encourage you to increase your mileage even more.

You can even calculate your treadmill work. The work performed on the treadmill equals the product of the weight ( mass) of the person (F) and the vertical distance achieved by walking or running up the incline. Vertical distance equals the sine of the treadmill angle multiplied by the distance traveled along the incline.

While tracking your progress you will probably notice that, with time, you will be able to run more miles and for longer periods of time, as your body will lose the extra weight and become more fit.