Curing Acne Naturally – Acne No More Review

Why is acne so hard to treat?

If you have suffered from acne at some point in your life, I am sure that you have tried one or more treatment options without much success.

Being an acne sufferer myself, I have spent a lot of money and effort trying to find the right product to successfully treat my condition while also preventing its reappearance.

As you might have found out, it is really difficult to know which product from the wide variety of available options is good for you. This is due to the fact that there are many factors which cause acne and you need to discover which one caused yours before trying any form of treatment.

A form of acne that is caused by hormonal imbalance needs medication to bring the hormones to a normal level, whereas acne caused by bacteria is treated with antibiotics and so on. These are the factors which usual treatments are based on.

On the other hand, even after you find out what is causing your acne, not any treatment can work for you. There are cases of people suffering from the same form of acne and who were administered the same medication, but responded differently. Traditional medication can only offer you part of the answer and this is why I tried to find a product that will not have all the undesired side effects of pharmaceuticals, but could also solve my problem permanently. After reading my Acne No More review, you will find out how I was able to find relief from acne.

It is important to identify all the causes of acne so that you can easily recognize them and then decide on the effective treatment for you.

Causes of acne:

Genetic factors

Acne can run in families, but the way it appears and its frequency is unpredictable. If your parents have suffered from acne, then you are more likely to develop it at some point in your life, than other people who do not have this condition in their families.

However, it is not necessary for this cycle to occur. There are many people whose parents have had severe acne problems, but who don’t have it themselves; as well as children with a great history of flawless skin, that develop some form of acne.

This might be related to some other factors that can cause acne, or simply because genetics cannot be predicted with certainty.

Genetics can also determine when the acne period will start and when it will be finished. For most people acne will begin during puberty, but it is possible for the onset to be in your late 20’s or even 30’s. These forms are called “adult acne” and are not that frequent as teenage acne.

Hormonal factors

Most acne forms can be caused by hormonal changes. Since there is a very large number of hormones inside your body that affect a variety of organs such as your skin, lungs and heart; any slight unbalance can cause a pathological problem.

The hormones that have the greatest impact on acne development are androgen hormones. These hormones are specific for males (especially testosterone), but when they are found in a larger amount in females, they cause skin problems such as acne.

The reason why people do not usually develop acne before puberty is because the androgen hormones are not produced in very high quantities until then. Once the androgen production starts, many mechanisms that relate to the skin can get unbalanced. It is important for you to understand that it is not the androgen levels that cause acne, but the way the skin responds to those hormones.

Still, sometimes a very high level of hormones can cause severe forms of acne that usually do not respond very well to treatment. The acne is usually accompanied by hair loss, irregular menstrual cycles in women, breast tenderness or excessive growth of facial hair.

If your acne has not responded to any form of treatment so far, then it is possible for it to be caused by abnormal hormone levels. It is crucial to get some blood tests done to confirm this. Medication might be necessary to correct this imbalance and help you respond to acne treatment.

Women are more prone to develop hormone related acne, because they undergo hormonal changes every month with their menstrual cycles. Pregnancy can also cause major hormonal changes and produce acne.


No matter what the origin of stress might be (either physical – pain, hunger, exhaustion or emotional – trauma, financial problems) it can affect many of the body’s systems including the skin.

Stress can also cause major changes in ovaries and testicle functions, thus modifying the hormone levels. It interferes with sleep, increases fatigue and might cause you to not be able to follow proper treatment. A stress management program can be helpful for your acne, but will definitely not cure it.

Bacteria and inflammation

Bacteria are one of the main causes of acne. Although they do not usually produce any severe infections, inflammatory acne can be caused by the bacteria and can cause damage to the skin. It is able to develop well within the skin pores and cause irritation of the skin and around hair follicles. It can even cause the hair follicle to rupture which releases the entire content of the clogged pore onto the skin surface and the inflammation can spread.

Inflammatory acne is represented by the red and swollen lesions (inflammation).

Your immune system also plays an important part in acne development. When confronted with bacteria, the immune system needs to react and fight it in order to produce a healing process. But at times, the immune system responds too harshly and can cause worse cases of inflammation.

Curing Acne Naturally   Acne No More Review

What can you do about acne?

The first step in treating your condition is to go to a dermatologist. He will be able to examine your lesions, run some tests and discover what the main cause of your skin condition is.

There may be other skin conditions that have common symptoms with acne, like redness and inflammation so you need to rule those out. Once the doctor has made his diagnosis, it will be time to start treatment. You will probably be prescribed some local form of treatment like ointments, creams, lotions, powders, and special soaps.

If the acne is severe and is due to hormonal imbalance, birth control pills are usually prescribed. Acne that is due to bacterial inflammations is treated with antibiotics. But before choosing any treatment, you need to consider all your options.

If you have been treated for acne before, you might have found that traditional treatments can be ineffective. Medication that is applied locally can diminish your symptoms for a while, but can also cause local side effects, depending on the active ingredients that it contains. Antiseptic substances will usually leave your skin dry and sensitive and may even cause additional inflammation because of that.

Antibiotics cannot be used on your skin for a long period of time because you can develop resistance to them. This way, the antibiotic will have the desired action initially, but after a while of continuous use the bacteria can adapt and the antibiotic becomes ineffective. In this case you will need to change to another antibiotic and start all over again. It is easy to see how this will create a vicious circle.

I have personally tried many forms of acne treatment, which were effective for a while, but did not give me the permanent result I desired.

After spending a large amount of money to get the prescribed creams and lotions every month, the acne would reappear as soon as I skipped treatment for a while. The treatment was also quite difficult to follow, because I had to use lotions and creams several times during the day.

This also meant that I had to refrain from using any make up and the products would make my skin look dry and sensitive. After many failed attempts I decided to find other ways of treating my acne.

How I found relief:

I started looking for a more natural way to cure my acne because I was tired of the side effects that the usual products had on my skin. I wanted my skin to look beautiful without having to apply several different formulas to it several times a day.

After trying some natural products to see if I was satisfied with the result, I found a product that made me not want to try anything else.

I acquired great results in approximately 8 weeks with the help of Acne No More. The results were so spectacular that I wanted to share my own Acne No More Review.

The results started showing during the first week of using the product. The redness and inflammation started to reduce considerably and my skin did not look have an oily, unhealthy sheen to it. Gradually, my skin began looking even better as the acne marks faded and new pimples did not appear. It also worked like a dream on my shoulders where I had some signs of acne.

What I was most pleased with was probably the fact that the results were very fast. Even though my case of acne was quite severe, Acne No More was able to help me treat it. I was able to have my normal routine again during the day, without having to stop several times in front of the mirror to apply the different creams and ointments.

How can this product help you?

Acne No More is a system that has been clinically tested, so its efficiency has been proven. If you suffer from acne, you can get great results no matter what type of acne you have. It works on vulgaris acne, rosacea, or conglobata and many other acne types.

Continuing with the Acne No More Review, let me tell you the benefits you can achieve from using this product:

  • get rid of redness, inflammation, blackheads and oily skin
  • have permanent acne removal results
  • increase your self esteem and be proud of the way you look
  • get rid of scars and marks that have remained on your skin after acne lesions
  • Save money on expensive skin care products that cannot offer you permanent results

The best part of using Acne No More is that you get no side effects. Acne medication like Accutane can have a disastrous effect on your skin if it proves to not be the right product for you. So why risk having even more skin inflammation and lesions by using all sorts of products when you can have a risk free treatment that works better?

This program is customizable for each patient, because every individual is unique and can have unique manifestations of the main condition. The strategies that are presented in the package can be adapted for your own particular situation.

The program will help you learn step by step what you need to do in order to obtain acne free skin. It is easy to use and does not demand much of your time.
Any Acne No More Review will be able to tell you that the principles on which this is based are very logical and can become helpful for your condition.

You also get free personal counseling, so you will be able to talk to a nutrition specialist that can advise you on what you need to do next if there are any things that you don’t understand.

Curing Acne Naturally   Acne No More Review


Having suffered from acne myself, I know exactly what it feels like to be disappointed every time you try a new product and it proves to have little or no effect on your skin. This is why I wrote an Acne No More Review, so I can share with you my personal experience with this product.

What I would recommend is to try a natural approach to this condition before trying any potentially harmful chemicals. Even if you suffer from a severe form of acne, or you only have some blackheads, papules or pustules, Acne No More can have a positive effect.

It works on both teenagers and adults, because it is a customizable program.

Another thing that adds considerably to its credibility is that it has a 100% money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with it. However, I can assure you that the product will help you achieve fantastic results and you will not be disappointed with it.

You will also get some bonus books such as “The Healing Power of Water” and free lifetime updates with the purchase of Acne No More.