How Does A Hearing Aid Work?

Hearing loss is something that affects a high amount of people across the world and the way in which they go about their everyday life is compromised as a consequence. Hearing aids were developed to enable people who suffer from this problem to hear sounds clearly again and despite scepticism from some quarters they have been proven to enhance the lives of millions.

The function of a hearing aid

The device is electronic and it comprises of a number of parts that make it function effectively. There is a microphone included and this detects noise from around the person and from here a signal is passed on to the amplifier. When the sound reaches the hearing aid’s amplifier the volume is taken up considerably before the next part comes into play. The speaker turns the signal it has received into something that is sent to the ear as sound.


How Does A Hearing Aid Work?
By: scotted400

Hearing aids are powered by batteries and although they have been effective for millions they do not work quite so well for everyone who uses them. The level of effectiveness can vary greatly and although the help they give can be significant they are still not a miracle cure for loss of hearing, meaning that they will not restore it to 100 per cent.

The different types

There are a few separate ways for someone to wear a hearing aid and how each of these works is slightly different from the others.

Hearing Aid for Behind the ear

One of the main advantages of a hearing aid that goes behind the ear is its ability to be used with vastly different levels of hearing loss. An earmold goes inside the ear and this is linked to a case that fits behind the ear. There is also an open fit option to make one of these less visible.

The battery in this type tends to be a lot more long-lasting than other hearing aids but a drawback is its high level of visibility. It goes inside the ear’s bowl and it is flexible in terms of the additional accessories it can cater for.

In, or completely in, the canal

If the hearing aid goes completely in the canal of the ear then it is used for less severe cases of hearing loss. Additionally, an ITC (in the canal) aid can have a remote control to easily alter the settings it has available.

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