How to Exercise Without Hurting Your Skin

Sometimes I have trouble motivating myself to exercise, but after my workout is done – I never regret it. I feel good that I’ve burned off a few extra calories, and I have a bit of leeway to enjoy food a bit more. There’s a bit of a Catch-22 because while I know exercise benefits my skin, it can also lead to breakouts if I’m not careful. I had to refine my routine over the years to make sure I’m looking after my skin while I’m sweating. Thankfully, I’ve mastered the process and I’m able to enjoy the full benefits of physical activity without having to worry about skin problems after. It takes a combination of diligence and common sense, and here are some tips to keep you on track with a healthy body and beautiful skin.

How to Exercise Without Hurting Your Skin
By: The California National Guard

Respect the Sun – I don’t know about you, but I do most of my exercise under the sun. I enjoy jogging, walking, and riding my bicycle whenever the weather allows. There was a time when I didn’t bother with sunscreen because I have the type of skin that doesn’t really burn. In retrospect, I now realize this was a huge mistake. It doesn’t matter where you live or what skin type you have, it’s absolutely essential to protect your skin from UV radiation. Of course the biggest challenge is finding a product that won’t clog your pores. I’m intimately familiar with that yucky feeling associated with greasy sunscreens, but there are plenty of products nowadays that can help. My advice would be rather than looking for a sunscreen that comes from a sunscreen company, look for a product that comes from a popular skin care brand. They are more likely to have acne-prone skin in mind while providing a product that won’t clog up your skin.

Hydrate properly – it’s absolutely essential to hydrate regularly whenever you engage in exercise. In fact, it’s important to hydrate whether you’re active or not. Your body uses a lot of water each day, and you already know that it’s composed primarily of water. When you exercise, you use up a lot of your natural supply, and that can lead to dry skin or complications if you aren’t careful. Luckily, the solution is simple. All you have to do is drink plenty of water in order to keep your internal levels up to par. I recommend going with pure water rather than sports drinks because the excess sugar won’t do you any favors.

Wash Your Face, but do it smart – one of my worst former habits was jumping into a hot shower after a long workout. While it felt nice, it really did a number on my skin. Hot showers should be avoided because they can really dry up your skin in just a few minutes. It’s far better to use mild temperatures in order to get all of that sweat off your skin. Also make sure to use a good cleanser, but ensure that it’s not too powerful. Stay away from facial scrubs or exfoliating products because the combination of sun exposure, sweat, and harsh washing can leave your face worse off than before.

Skin Care Products – in addition to hydrating internally, a good moisturizer will help to keep your skin strong and healthy. This is one product should always have handy in your workout bag. If you happen to be suffering from acne, make sure to use related products with care. Just like washing your face too much can dry up your skin, using too many acne products can do the same. It’s important to pay attention to whatever your face comes into contact with, and that means reading the ingredients list of all the products you use. Remember, you don’t get good skin by bombarding your face with as many products as possible.

Make-up Free – one of the biggest problems in the past for me was being able to exercise without wearing makeup. I have to admit it was simply a matter of vanity. I wanted to look good whether I was jogging or exercising at the gym. But all that extra makeup really did a number on my skin when it combined with sweat. Nowadays I don’t wear any makeup, and my skin has a chance to breathe while I exercise. The simple step of eliminating makeup from my workout routine has benefited my skin dramatically.

It might seem like exercise exacerbates problems like acne, but it’s usually something else that’s the main problem. If you are dealing with problematic skin there are a lot more tips that you can find at in order to deal with blemishes more effectively. Remember, exercise is always a good thing and you should never find yourself in a position where you’re avoiding it in order to maintain good skin.