Losing Weight Safely With The Natural Extracts Contained By Adipozin

What is Adipozin?

This is a diet pill that combines natural extracts from Green tea, Pomegranate, Yerba mate, Damiana, Guarana and other ingredients in order to suppress the appetite, increase the rate of fat burning and help you acquire an increased muscle tissue.

Each ingredient brings an important action towards acquiring weight loss and is complementary with the other ones.  Along with herbal extracts, the supplement also contains a polysaccharide called glucomannan. This is considered a dietary fiber and is a low caloric substance involved in appetite reduction.

The pills also contain FucoPure (which is 10% fucoxanthin) – a thermo genic substance, ForsLean ( 95% forskohliin) – a substance Losing Weight Safely With The Natural Extracts Contained By Adipozinthat increases the metabolism, Super CitriMax – an appetite modulator,  20-Beta-Hydroxyecdysterone – involved in muscle metabolism, Chromax – another appetite suppresser, Magnesium Stearate and gelatin.

The manufacturers state that the product can produce weight loss with a 579% higher efficiency than other similar products. It also has 100% money back guarantee, so in case it does not prove to have the expected results you will get a full refund. If you’re not sure this product will be suitable for you, you can find a frequently asked questions page on the official website and browse the sections for more information.

The supplement is suited for both women and men and can offer safe weight loss, because of the natural origin of the ingredients.  This ensures that the pills have a low risk of producing any serious side effects when used on long term. This explains why it is available online and does not require a prescription.

Because it combines numerous mechanisms of producing weight loss, it is more likely to be suitable for a wide range of people and causes of overweight.

This product is a generic version of the Adiposil supplement and offers the same ingredients at a lower price.

Who produces it?

The supplement is manufactured by Dynamic Science, a company located in Springville, Ut. Every health product manufactured by Dynamic Science has a 90 day money back guarantee. If you order more than one bottle, the guarantee will still be available for one unopened bottle and all other ones is resalable condition.

Where can you buy Adipozin from?

The supplement is available online on its official website: www.adipozin.com and through various online supplement stores. If you wish to purchase larger quantities you will also benefit from a discount and receive a free e-book and also a free sample of 72HDP (this is a weight loss supplement that states it can cause you to lose 12 pounds in 3 days).

It is also available on Amazon, where you can purchase it and have it delivered to your address. It’s available as 800 mg weight loss pills and each bottle contains 60 capsules.

The product can only be sold for individuals who are at least 18 years old. Its use is restricted to teenagers or children because each dosage contains Hydroxyecdysterone.

You will probably not be able to purchase it from your local health store or your fitness center, because it’s only sold online.

Weight loss effects:

The complexity of this weight loss formula makes it more efficient, because each substance has an influence over your metabolism.

Chromax refers to the chromium picolinate and represents an easily absorbable source of chromium. This mineral is required by your body in order to produce the usual metabolism of dietary principles such as lipid, carbohydrates or proteins. This form of chromium is being intensely studied because it is believed to have implications in maintaining the normal levels of blood sugar and building muscle mass. Studies have shown that patients who had their diets supplemented with this form of chromium ingested 365 less calories each day. This means this ingredient is able to reduce the feeling of hunger and the total food intake with approximately 25%.

Another ingredient, Super CitriMax has the ability of curbing your appetite, regulating the levels of serum lipids and reducing BMI (Body mass index). This adds more safety to the weight loss pills, because it’s free from side effects.

Administration of Forslean twice a day 30 minutes prior to meals causes the amount of body fat and weight to decrease. This substance also influences the activity of the thyroid, causing a further fat reduction.

Still, the natural extracts are the ones that play the most important part in the overall safety of this weight loss option.  It was proven through double blind studies that administering guarana, yerba mate and damiana to patients produce a weight loss of 11.2 lbs. after 45 days, as opposed to the 0.7 lbs. that the placebo group had lost. These herbal extracts are also known to delay the emptying process of the stomach with approximately 20 minutes, leaving you feel full for a longer period of time and consuming less aliments. Green tea is involved in the rate of metabolism and can enhance the oxidative processes of the lipids, causing a faster fat burn. This is possible due to the thermo genic capacities of the green tea.  Ingesting green tea extracts will not cause any cardio-vascular side effects, such as increased heart rate, which means you will be able to lose weight without suffering unpleasant side effects.

Green tea can help in reducing the risk of heart diseases, carcinogenic processes or liver damage. Studies have shown that green tea increases the overall energy expenditure and enhances the lipid oxidative processes.

The weight loss effect is not necessarily related to the green tea’s content of caffeine, but more to the other active principles that it contains.

The supplement also contains a plant sterol called 20-beta-hydroxyecdysterone. This is believed to be related to the biosynthesis of proteins, enhancement of the lean muscle mass and maintaining the anabolism. This explains why it is capable of increasing the muscles mass and decreasing the deposits of fat cells.

The association of FucoPure and pomegranate oil is believed to have thermo genic properties without the appearance of side effects.

So, weight loss that is acquired by using these pills is safe because the herbal extracts and the other main ingredients do not cause major side effects and stimulate the body to work normally and burn the extra fat until it reaches a normal and healthy state.

But, like any supplements it is still possible for some minor side effects to occur, depending on your organism. Most of the times these effects are related to the high content in caffeine which along with making you feel more energetic can also produce nervousness, agitation, insomnia or increased pulse, although these rarely occur.

How much does it cost?

The supplement will be able to provide you with a high quality technology of pill engineering produced at a reasonably low price. Compared to other supplements that fit into this category, this one is much cheaper.

One bottle of this supplement, containing 60 capsules of 800 mg each is sold with a retail price of $99.99, but it is possible for you to find it for $59.99 on some promotional offers.

You can also get a discount if you decide to purchase large quantities of this supplement.  If you purchase it on eBay you can find a very reasonable price of $28 per bottle if you purchase a pack of six. One bottle will last you enough for one month of weight loss supplementation. Along with the pack of six you also receive 6 bottles of 48 hr. pills.


This Dynamic Science product has proven to be well tolerated by the people who have already tried it.  Most individuals who haveLosing Weight Safely With The Natural Extracts Contained By Adipozin used this were able to lose 7 to 10 pounds in one month of treatment without making any changes to their diet.  This means the only mechanism that produced weight loss during this month was cause by the pill, as they continued to eat normally and did not include any specific form of exercise.

When administered along with a healthy diet and physical exercises, the amount of body weight that is lost considerably increases to around 20 pounds. It is also helpful in maintaining the initially lost weight and this can be done by reducing the dosage to a single pill per day. The bottle will be enough for 2 months is you are only looking for maintaining your weight.

People have not reported any significant side effects, even after long term use; rarely, some individuals may experience headaches, but it has not been proven if that is caused by the supplement.  Some people also experience sleeplessness, especially if they take the pill during the late afternoon or evening. Because the content in caffeine, it is recommended that you take them earlier, to avoid any of these effects.

The caffeine causes an increase in energy levels, so physical exercises can be performed easier and without the feeling of exhaustion that you would normally experience. This can be helpful if you suffer from chronic fatigue and you still want to stay in shape and lose some body weight.