Symptoms Women Should Never Ignore!

Every year 8th March is celebrated as the International Women’s Day. Most of us commemorate this day with roses, candles, cameras, perfect dinner and planning surprises for women in our lives. Between the deafening celebrations is easy to skip the promise of taking care of women who is busy mending other lives.

Similarly Mother’s Day reminds us to make each day better for all the beautiful mothers, sisters and daughters of the world. Mothers often tend to ignore their own health while taking care of rest of the family members. Regular health checkups is something which lies in the last rung of priorities for her. But it is this constant procrastination that can cause trouble later. Even a seemingly small symptom, if ignored, can be a serious health issue. A visit to a doctor is less likely for mere aches and pains, but that’s a huge mistake. Especially when the pains and symptoms are similar to things listed below.

1. Difficulties in breathing: Running short of breath after heavy exercise or running is common and can indicate a mild asthma. But if you gasp for air even after doing normal tasks like climbing stairs it can indicate a more serious health problem or even lung cancer. These can be due to blood clotting in certain areas that block blood flow and oxygen.

2. Bleeding in normal days: Bleeding in between periods can be a serious concern. This can possibly be due to gynecological cancers, due to hormonal imbalances, reactions to contraceptive pills or pain control pills. Get such bleeding that happens before or after normal menstrual cycle immediately diagnosed by a good gynecologist. Most common result of such symptom is poly cystic ovary syndrome, which leads to cysts in the ovary and creates trouble getting pregnant. Regular pains in this area also should not be ignored.

3. Changes in the breasts: Breast cancer is not necessarily accompanied with pains. There are other sublet changes which you need to be aware about. Changes like lumps in the breast, discharge from the nipples, change in the shape and size of the breast, redness and itching in the areola region should be taken seriously.


Symptoms Women Should Never Ignore!
By: jingkay

Painful heavy periods: Heavy periods are characterized by excessive bleeding for prolonged durations. Such conditions can sometimes lead to disorders like ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy outside the uterus) which is extremely dangerous, ovarian cysts and thick uterine lining. These disorders can be treated if they are diagnosed in proper time. Fibroid tumor, however, have no cure so far. It can be prevented by taking special care of your reproductive system.

5. Prolonged tiredness: Tiredness is caused of improper diet which can make you anemic. It can be a symptom of heart disease, depression or lung cancer. Therefore go for a checkup immediately rather than putting up with it.

6. Rectal Bleeding after Pregnancy: Pregnant women suffering from hemorrhoids show signs of rectal bleeding. Mild bleeding in the last trimester of pregnancy but if it turns heavy can indicates rectal cancer or colon. So if you see rectal bleeding, consult doctor immediately.

7. Pelvic pain while intercourse: This symptom is not at all normal. If someone suffers from such pain then it might be a cervix cancer, ovarian cyst or endometriosis. Medical science calls this disorder as Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. If intercourse is painful then go to the gynecologist immediately.

8. Sudden unexpected weight gain or loss: Weight gain is inevitable part of aging as expert say but premature abnormal weight gain is something really dangerous. It might have some connection to thyroid. Moving to weight loss, it has always been a matter of concern to women when they lose weight without making any efforts. This may be due to depression, cancer, or Addison’s disease. So it shouldn’t be ignored.

9. Swelling in joints and legs: Swelling in one leg indicates blood clotting. If it is observed in both legs then it could be a sign of liver disease or perhaps a kidney disorder. Continuous and severe pains could indicate something even more serious, so it’s advisable to see a doctor if these symptoms are noticed and are persistent.

10. Premature aging: It is no secret that time leaves its imprints on every face. If skin aging symptoms are not normal and indicative of deeper issues then it becomes quite a serious problem. Premature aging can be due to overexposure to sun and applying unhealthy skin products. Even if you are using any anti aging cream check the labels for Vitamin A, Vitamin B5, Vitamin C, Hydroquinone and Lactic acid. All ingredients activate skin water molecules and sloughs dead cells. By far the best anti wrinkle cream has been found in Lifecell Cream.

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