What To Expect At An Impatient Addiction Rehabilitation Center

Addiction is a very hard thing to break.  For those who live their lives in a constant state of addiction it can be difficult to see how much better their life could be if they broke free of their addictions and could lead a normal healthy life.  For family members and loved ones of addicts, finding a way to help the person in their life who is struggling with addiction can be challenging.

What To Expect At An Impatient Addiction Rehabilitation Center
By: HawkinsSteven

Unfortunately, in the early part of the twentieth century, inpatient treatment facilities earned a reputation for being cruel places and even though the treatment centers of today are have completely changed from the early times of addiction treatment, the stigma they carry has continued.  Many people look at inpatient addiction treatment as sending their loved one away, or locking them up, this impression could not be farther from the truth.  In the other extreme we have the luxury treatment centers where Hollywood starlets go to recover from supposed exhaustion.  The reality of inpatient treatment is a far cry from either of these stereotypes.

Understanding the function and purpose of an inpatient addiction rehabilitation facility can assist an addict who is ready to change their path find the help and support they need to begin recovering from the nightmare of addiction.  There are many different aspect of recovery and a good rehabilitation facility should have many tools to deal with a number of issues that can lead someone into addiction.  There are also many different philosophies about what approach to take.  Some rehabilitation facilities have a religious focus while others rely on medical and physiological discovery and recovery.  No two addicts are alike so it is important to find a facility that understands that and will help you, your family member, or friend, discover their own path to sobriety.  Here is a little information about what generally to expect during inpatient addiction rehabilitation.

The first part of the recovery process will focus mainly on medical aspects of addiction.  Different drugs all have different impact on the body and some detoxification processes are extremely dangerous and require medical supervision.  A good inpatient rehabilitation center will have a full staff of medical professionals available twenty four hours a day to monitor patients during the beginning part of their recovery.  These medical professionals will have studied addiction and have specialized training to help patients during every step of recovery.  After the initial detox, an addict will generally be evaluated by psychiatrists to look for any underlying psychiatric problems that could have led to self-medicating.  If any disorders are found, such as bi polar disorder, the medical professionals will continue to assist the addict throughout recovery in learning to manage their illness with proper medications or other treatments.

After dealing with the first stages of detox, the addict will also begin many different programs created to help them slowly deal with the mental part of their addiction.  Group and individual therapy are a major part of every inpatient rehabilitation treatment.  Eventually the addict’s family and friends may also be asked to join the therapy sessions as well to help the addict admit to themselves they had a problem and apologize for the hurt they have caused.

Many programs also include other services that will help the addict when they leave the facility like basic nutrition and activities counseling to help them develop life skills and some facilities even offer job training to help the addict reenter society with a purpose and goals.

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