3 Ways Artwork Can Help With Stress

When most people think of stress relief, they think of things like exercise, enjoying a good meal or having fun with friends. All of those things are great, but did you know that creating art can have just as positive an effect? Whether it be painting, sculpting, drawing or any other form of visual art, the simple act of making something with your hands is very powerful.

What is Art Therapy?
Art therapy focuses on the creation of visual artwork as a means to relieve stress, tap into subconscious feelings or simply distract the patient from their problems by having them focus on a project. The way that art is used in psychotherapy depends greatly on the individual needs of the patient and the preferences of the practitioner, but in general, art therapy is practiced by qualified specialists who have been trained to use art in this specific way.

Can Art Therapy be Practiced at Home?
Art therapy can absolutely be practiced at home, not only by those with specific illnesses or difficulties, but by anyone who wishes to relieve stress and work on their personal development. Being creative can connect you to your inner-child, make you forget your troubles and even help develop a healthy sense of self esteem. When you see that you are capable of creating, you naturally begin to feel better about yourself. It makes your life feel more meaningful.

How Does Creating Art Help to Relieve Stress?
For centuries, people have been attempting to find peace by quieting the mind, a practice known as meditation. This can be done by deep breathing, focusing on a fixed object or image, or simply becoming deeply engaged in an activity, such as cooking, dancing, gardening or creating artwork.

By starting a daily art practice you can begin to learn to be in the moment instead of always worrying about what is going to happen tomorrow. Over time, that relaxation and focus will begin to spill over into other areas of your life, bringing you more peace throughout your day.

What if You Don’t Have a Creative Bone in Your Body?
If you truly aren’t the artistic type, you can still receive benefits from surrounding yourself with the artwork of others. Everyone loves a beautiful picture, and if you see a piece of artwork in a gallery or on a website like www.artismo.com that makes you feel good, chances are that it will continue to make you feel good on a daily basis after you bring it home. Studies have shown that certain colors can have a strong effect on mood, so in order to relieve stress, look for pieces that contain a lot of blue, green, brown, pink, and yellow. These colors can create feelings of tranquility, ease boredom, lift your spirits and inspire you to be your very best. Avoid buying artwork that is composed of mostly red and black, as these colors can be overstimulating and lead to more stress.

Of course, all of these ideas are just guidelines. If you notice that red makes you feel great, surround yourself with it! With an entire rainbow of colors and textures to explore, the possibilities are truly endless. All you need is a blank canvas, some art supplies and your unique mind. Where you go from there is up to you.

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